Available throughout all of Québec : 1-866-646-5149

Available throughout all of Québec 


Our mission :


Provide consumers with a network of qualified field service teams and allow customers to receive exceptional quality / price service.


Our vision : 


To offer a service of exceptional quality / price is our objective number 1. Each request for quotation is taken care of by the exclusive collaborator of your territory who will work in close collaboration with you to offer a service to the height of your expectations. See 'Our Advantages' for more details.


Our exclusive partners :


Our exclusive collaborator at ENTRETIEN DE TERRAIN.COM, network are selected for their ability to deliver a constant and professional service. They were able to demonstrate their ability to maintain a level of customer satisfaction above the established standard in field maintenance. We are proud to bring together the best field service teams throughout Quebec. By completing a request for quotation online or by calling us, your need is immediately taken care of by our qualified exclusive collaborator.


Our management team :


At ENTRETIEN DE TERRAIN.COM we measure the quality of service of the best teams in the field of residential and commercial land maintenance throughout Quebec. We are able to put customers in touch with competent and qualified companies throughout Quebec.

  Join us 24h / 24h by completing your online quote request or by phoning us.
  It will be our pleasure to take care of your need.
  Why choosing us ?


  1 - Exceptional quality service
  2 - Effective and professional work teams
  3 - Same quality of service throughout Quebec
  4 - Honest, Reliable and Motivated Management Team
  5 - Online submission 24/7, back to your request in less than 24h

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